Beyond Jupiter

Through the worm hole

Artwork, this is a complimentary piece referencing Gravity Assist, NASA Juno and JunoCam artworks. Open in fullscreen for the full effect. Download link provided below image.


This is a stereogram. Let your eyes relax until the gravity hits 🙂 it’ll pop right out.

Earlier Stages

Mission Success!

This is exactly the kind of stuff that only happens once in a lifetime.

The inspiration: the bending of space itself! Jupiter is MASSIVE.

Jupiter bends space.

This is what has kept me productive the last year 😉

Everything seemed to happen so quickly, there are already quite a few blog posts about the progress that has been made- to summarise: In late 2016, Mr Bruno of ULA sent me a rare collectible coin with compliments for a painting that was produced in response to a social media art competition, celebrating the arrival of Juno (the space probe) at Jupiter- the biggest planet in our solar system. The very first time human kind have sent something physical to orbit Jupiter.

The painting is a digital creation made while chilling out at Eindhoven Airport- a couple of weeks after submission, a tweet from ULA announced the winners. First Prize. Blew me away, honestly. Didn’t even know what I’d won until the packet arrived here with me in the Netherlands. When the coin dropped on to my lap from the packet, Hyperdrive engaged- and hasn’t turned off since.

Most if not all of the work created has been officially contributed to the Juno Mission. Thanks Juno!

Whilst Googling for Juno Mission medallion 🤔 found a website- those pictures look familiar! 😀

If you want to check out the music that goes with this artwork, please watch & listen to Gravity Assist in the highest possible resolution :-). (watch in app/browser)

Everything here was produced on an Apple iPad Pro. Subject to copyright Winter Bynes 2017. That said, please DO share & enjoy!