Test (work in progress) 9m11s

How to build a Wormhole of thought.

Obligatory project screenshot


Dropped my iPad Pro from like, 30cm!

The IPad Pro weighs a bit and fell out of its case at the worst possible moment. The case is not really to blame- it already took some damage and has been “repaired” a few tines with super glue. The damage done to the case by just general wear and tear is what contributed to it losing grip of the iPad (damage ironically not accrued from being dropped).

The fact that the aftermarket TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR disintegrated but the screen didn’t is a marvel of design achievement on the iPads part. The soft squishy metal taking the brunt of impact leaving the glass just slightly chipped (peeled screen protector sticky adhesive visible above). In the dark, I caught my thumb on the shards of aftermarket tempered glass. Backpack had all the kit I needed to deal with it.

Thanks Logitech support team, but this ones on me, not you. I am just really attached to the setup. It’s an expensive case with a non-Bluetooth backlit keyboard. Bluetooth is laggy and a potential security risk (snoopy snoop yo) this one uses the smart connector so a) I don’t have to charge it b) it works in airplane mode c) it’s just great. P.S Bluetooth suckkkkkkkks. Hashtag Ericsson ///

The Survival kit