Isn’t she beautiful, and also dead!

The sudden death of a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-9300. Catastrophic failure of the EMMC chip, corrupting the ROM. Total loss.


It was fully functioning when I noticed one of my cameras glitching out on the Tinycam CCTV app, when investigated, it was sluggish and the UI was corrupted as heck. Usual fix was to reboot. Rebooted, got this garbled screen, waited a while and took a few photos because I’m electrically empathic and knew *this was it*. (Not serious). Kinda glad I did. We may eventually get a canvas print done of this 😀

She never powered up again. Nothing physically wrong, been clamped to a lamp next to my Couch of Creation.

This S3 didn’t outlast my iPhone 4, which we purchased at the same time, same store- but this champ did so much more work, continually recording to a 64gb SDcard and maintaining the house mood lighting,

I posted it to Reddit just off the cuff. Front page material apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woohoo! \o/