Back on Air

Got my ham radio license sorted out finally, years of waiting to get all the legal side of a complete identity update done, government paperwork, passports, drivers licenses (for weed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Meanwhile, enjoy the view from “the chair” in the first image up top to see something like this at Eindhoven airport. Silly buggers. Always Easy.

Happy birthday JP!

Today is my younger sister’s birthday. She’s a special & powerful little thing. This picture leaked from my older sisters Facebook and to mark the occasion, I restored the photo somewhat (minus the obvious attempt to fart in my general direction as sisters often do). Love you sister, will be here when you need to take Noah to see the Oracle. Efteling. The proper way, this time.

This exists in protest of Eindhoven Airport censuring art on Instagram. Can’t touch this.

I have a page for my ham radio buddies to gawk at. Check it out!


That’s all folks, thanks for dropping by- like and follow, it means a lot. God bless.