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I have just had a small personal revelation that I was brought up with and by CB radio. Oh my gosh. My parenting was crowdsourced.

We went digital using CB radio, back then I indeed did build my own interface from a kit that I went on the train to Coventry for- just on a hunch. I’d been listening to signals on the band that had been coming in due to increased solar activity. The hunch was right-  I had heard long distance 1200 baud AX.25 protocol specification packet. What transpired from this awakening without a dial-up line access or internet ultimately lead to me building the largest & most powerful packet radio pirate BBS in the Midlands, possibly the entire United Kingdom. No dirty stuff, it was none of that. It was science, news, mail, QSL exchange etc. We networked.

This is encoded and woven in to the Illegal Telepathy track, it is PSK-31, a resilient and quite sophisticated way of sending text across the world on noisy shortwave radio frequency bands. An error-free quote would read: interface is home made.

I found it astonishing that it all came together like that, decades on. Illegal Telepathy was made in 2008. Same time the Lincolnshire Poacher numbers station was shut down. I remember stumbling upon it accidentally wondering what the interference was that was piggybacking a regular shortwave broadcast station. That’s in the track as well.

Illegal Telepathy

Lincolinshire Poacher Raw Recording


A data packet with a Round Trip Time of 21 Years?

Incidentally, there exists an actual record of several of ident packets on paper, sent back to me as a text print-out by a German fellow pirate of the 27Mhz  seas. Two decades later I digitized it. Bear in mind, since that time but not long after- I moved to the continent away from the UK; 1998.  Before I left I had  pitched (in person) something to IBM during school work experience that may have or may not have been turned around for use in deep space- which is actually about to happen!

NL3SOL – location: The Netherlands from 1998 until it got zapped by me in 2003.

Delay Tolerant Networks 🤔

I know I have a couple of pictures of the English side BBS that are encoded inside a Microsoft Word document, I have to rip them out of that so they will definitely be terrible quality- better than nothing!

By the very end of the millennium I was running a BBS and node in TWO different countries at the same time (without internet). A year or so later a storm took out the system located at my parents house and it was never repaired. ENG01A died. The massive stack of antennas was on my owl house.

Graduated from Hogwarts aged 14.


Data packet – mod archived

  • Music Modules
  • The data packet is stored inside this playable music file, but I doubt you will be able to decode it on the fly until you mute all of the other channels.
  • I might have built that website and released it in 2008 as version v4.01b- which is still in use today. Really odd (baton has been passed on).

Just for fun.