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If you aren’t up to speed, something is happening at NASA JPL that involves something requiring release forms to be signed to waiver rights for a production company to make a sweet production- the production company requested permission to use the assets folks like myself made and contributed to the Juno Processing Gallery.

You can see my contributions posted on the NASA Juno Processing Gallery of “Wintje” 😀

I’ve no idea which assets they may use (probably none of mine) but this isn’t the reason I am excited.

I’m very excited because it is first contact with someone whom I find an amazing and inspiring person- freaking Dr. Candice Hansen-Koharcheck. If it wasn’t for Candy’s outreach efforts- things such as Gravity Assist and the painting that’s hanging in a display case at ULA HQ would never have happened. Candy is the lead scientist for JunoCam and other missions including very famous image acquisition missions such as Voyager & Cassini!

OMG! 😀

As a Co-Investigator on the Juno mission to Jupiter, launching in 2011, Dr. Hansen is responsible for the development and operation of the JunoCam outreach camera that will engage the public in planning images of Jupiter.

– Juno Mission page


Check out the video link you missed above. JunoCam interview

My hair is SO on FIRE!

Dr. Hansen retired from JPL in 2010 but continues in all her endeavors under the auspices of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson.

– JunoCam Mission Page

So it’s true, one does not simply fade from space because of retirement! How awesome is that!

More Juno Stuff!

Here are some of the other Juno related projects I’ve completed

Check them out & share!!

In other News

The GIF I posted a while ago has been leeched from the net and now appears as the THIRD result for “turbine day”, and first result for “turbine night” on the Twitter GIF selector. Awesome! I’ve been spread by the public. Love it. Do it more!!

Very happy today!