“Gravity Assist”

Gravity Assist

A music/graphic production in tribute to the mission to Jupiter with the tri-petal NASA Juno probe.

The Story

First of all, there are multiple interpretations to this production and the ultimate cannot be revealed, for that would otherwise spoil it. You may safely read the following passages for a synopsis without spoiling the experience.

The Juno probe sent by NASA several years ago arrived in 2016 and establishes humanity’s first light speed link with the Jupiter and other celestial bodies in the vicinity. The probe is hacked from Earth and signals are piggybacked by a watchful Earth based guardian to unlock the device which allows safe passage through the anomaly. The device is of unknown origin and appears to be anchored to the anomaly.

Gravity Assist is a Sci-Fi hybrid Music production that centres on an anomaly in space time located near Jupiter. The dynamic and powerful electromagnetic radiation created by the planet suggests computational sentient intelligence (SI) is monitoring and waiting for a species to ascend from Earth to jump to the next habitable planet system- ultimately paving the way for a truly multi-planet sentient species.

  • The origin of the anomaly (not the device anchored to it) is proposed as a consequence of thought/belief in there being one, and through quantum manipulation of space-time, at least- that is how the anomaly manifests.
  • The device is a megastructure created by an advanced civilisation to control the stability of the anomaly, and to act as a gatekeeper to prevent unauthorised access to the anomaly.
  • The device and anomaly were only discovered after Juno arrived in orbit around Jupiter.
  • Jupiter has been generating huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation which theorists hypothesised would have reached Earth aeons ago, potentially sparking the beginning of Earth-based intelligent life. Maybe it was on purpose.

The Technicals


  • Synthesised
  • Each instrument hand crafted
  • Final product is 4.7kB of executable data including the synth itself (rendered & mastered for this production).
  • Created in Renoise, which is also used visually for the “interface”


  • Entirely produced on mobile devices (proper video editor, effects, JunoCam art… everything).
  • JunoCam imagery from Perijove 4
  • Approximately 12 month concept development time.
  • Each art asset has also been a contribution to the JunoCam mission. Each piece is available on display in the JunoCam Gallery by NASA.

Gravity Assist