…they still eat other lifeforms…

We are a real team!

Pointing Out the Obvious

The Light!


Had a good day

Today was my first birthday outside, out, with company of esteem- tonight we had a modest meal and drinks at Van der Valk in Gilze Rijen, Netherlands. The gorgeous floor manager came sat with us for the whole night- was marvellous, champion!

No silly birthday embarrassment- just pure good conversation and belly laughter.


My mother arrives tomorrow from England, looking forward very much, I miss my family somewhat being an expat for so long, which is why I write this blog, for them- out there beyond the Netherlands!

We still haven’t got the inertia from the music sales so looks like i’m going to have to plug my Patreon, you know- so if you feel like sponsoring me to keep you exposed to the beautiful enchanted faerytale by sound and vision; you can contribute!

Shameless? No way. I think its time we stopped jerking off the backs of artists until they go mad and die. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Its the right thing to do. 😍

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