My first Birthday

  • I bring gifts!
  • Three Albums
  • Six hours of music!

Notable things I am grateful for:

  • 🇳🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🇪🇸 one-off art commissions hanging in many countries
  • 🎀 38 years old.
  • 🏡 Home owner
  • 💞 Married since ’98, no kids (reasons).
  • 💁🏻 Best friends.
  • 🌪 “Get off my lawn”.
  • 🌎 Founding member of @TheMarsGen
  • 👍 Positive Vibes

Twitter Moment Everything happened so quickly and close together, so I would like to just link up to the collection of newsworthy tweets.

Big shout out to my pal BUSYMONYY for inspiring me to get my act together and take it (his words) – Up A Notch. His track is totally tubular!

Apple Music & iTunes


Happy Birthday!

For as long as we can support it (not likely that long at €9 a month overheads) we are providing all of the tracks from these albums for free listening and even some for download on Soundcloud. If you would rather avoid DRM stores, to help out you can purchase a DRM-free download of the albums here.

Grab, urgently while you can, or chill with Spotify – find the Easter eggs & enjoy the beauty of life.

Ruby Moonstar

The biggest thanks are to my wonderful and beautiful wife Ilona (Ilona-Ruby Tuby Rambelje). She is the only reason I exist, and that is said whilst sworn under oath. We are here on this planet to help, we can’t have children so this is the next closest alternative in leaving something behind that will spread joy, conduct sadness away & make part of us a part of your family, forever. Thank you to all of those who helped in the making of this continuous endeavour- good greetings also go to the affable & oblivious crew whom I had to cut loose and leave behind: The Mod Archive. Distant love but not forgotten ❤ they will do well without their captain, I am sure. Still running on my code, database & design, ayyyyyyy. Not bad! 20 years.

In other news!

Additionally, our street now has LED white lighting! Huge difference! Splendid.

I just had to adjust my Phillips Hue porch light to match the new tone 😍