The Personal Touch

  • This is definitely me.
  • Fidget is an understatement in my case, and the only escape is to do/make something.
  • That’s what happened to my hands.
  • I was given a fidget spinner, I can’t stand the bloody thing it is such a useless waste of time, tick tock- what’s to do next? Go go go.
  • This is a bullet list for a good rewarding reason.

I like lists

Today was a pretty quiet day, after the hospital appointment with very good news, it was a welcome distraction. Ilona managed to get some lovely photos done for her project, Ezeltjestrekje.

I have massive fear of heights. Not just “oooh I’m scared” because it’s actually not, unless feeling scared means your feet are trying to turn to glue in order to stay, but your brain is also shrieking “go on do it” implying a ridiculous jump from the top. There we go, now we know how annoying being able to shift direction within the multiverse is.

I think therefore I spam.

Says it all really.