Tilt this image, you’ll see.


Image composed of actual photograph of Jupiter, taken by NASA Juno- the first space probe to orbit until death around the biggest of the gas giant planets in our solar system (Sol).

The Arthur Stone

Location: The Arthur Stone, Gower Peninsula, Wales, United Kingdom.

Family Tradition, Pilgrim.

Wind Turbines

The Electrical Generation. Times three, generations.


Adapt or die. Three times.


Nasa Juno Gallery Contributions

Gravity Assist Art Assets

  • Listen & watch Gravity Assist on NASA’s website here.


YouTube Mirror

To NASA, with love – The Gravity Assist final version (v1.5).

Last year (2016, July) I won a Juno mission coin (the only one in the Netherlands, as far as I know) it shocked my system & inspired me to do something that’s a bit more involved.


– It’s a Sci-Fi hybrid.

– exclusively composed music in 4.7kB of executable data including the synth itself (rendered & mastered for this production).

– entirely produced on mobile devices (proper video editor, effects, JunoCam art… everything).

– JunoCam imagery from Perijove 4 (~12 month concept development time), processed.

– this final version is an entirely different experience, and I am exhausted 😀

Well, I hope you enjoy it is all. Please feel free to share, I’m going to bed.

29th September 2017

I have three new albums coming out on my birthday- 29th September 🙂

They are each different. One crazy, one techie and one absolutely old hat.

  • Tubylar Rockets 2
  • Red Reflections (prequel)
  • Piebotica 2017