Such a Tease!

There was a time when I registered @ehvairport on Instagram to post all of my aviation photos taken at the airport. Six months later, the fools at Eindhoven Airport marketing put this massive poster up on the front of the airport with a very confusing message.

Tag @ehvairport and win tickets.

Uh, but that’s my account?

Yeah. This turned into a bit of fun as I had sent in a poster of my first ever light painting, it wasn’t that great but it was good enough for the Facebook team at the airport marketing team to use it in their page header for a while. I mean okay, that’s great and they asked. All fine.

Antisocial media team

Let me put this with evidence: I began being tagged by people who were sitting on the chair in front of the poster and so I helpfully forwarded those to the actual airport’s account. That was fine, for a while. I even enquired and freely offered my account- asking whether they wanted to take the account and use it but the marketing team made it very clear they had no idea what they were doing, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

“EHV isn’t even the airport call sign, and it’s only known locally like that”, their twitter is @ehvairport. go figure. “We think it is super sweet that you run a fan page and we want you to continue doing that”.

Okay, so we did. But then, since when did being on a social platform with an antisocial marketing team ever work out? The antisocial behaviour started when the lead lady decided to block my account after forwarding more tagged photos so that the competition entrants wouldn’t lose out. Blocked. Did I mention, that they used my image – one of my photographs which took hours to make – on their own Instagram page? I enquired what kind of game they were trying to play, the next thing I know my Instagram profile is decimated by trademark infringement takedowns (without appeal) because the FRONT SIGN appeared in some of the photos. Eindhoven Airport RUINED my Instagram work which had taken a year, and to add insult to injury- they even took down the image on my profile which they themselves had stolen and used on theirs.

What can I say, karma comes around?

Get ready for this!

So long and thanks for nothing

I hated this poster now. I felt used and abused. Everything I had done was to promote the airport, promote our city and make people proud to be here. This ugly poster was an insult to the airport, people had defaced it and ruined it.

After the Instagram hostile take-downs, we arrived at the airport one evening and noticed they had replaced the poster with a completely brand new one. Cool! Same mistake on the print, still using @ehvairport, my account. Their own account had nothing but crappy low quality/low effort posts so I wrote them an email to discuss a few things such as how to help improve it, how to discontinue their bullying tactic of taking my content down illegally- Their response was rude. Very rude, and they told me (not asked) to never contact them again. Disgusting. Okay. They said they’d tried to set up a meeting with me, which was not true by any stretch of the imagination. First of all, I can never get to the airport during office hours, so I know for a fact I would never have agreed, nor been able to even if they were telling the truth, which they were not. Someone in marketing is a filthy liar.

Meanwhile, work continues.

All of a sudden, the poster is gone!

We turn up another early evening (after 6pm) and something is immediately obvious. The brand new poster has been completely removed. Wtf, this feels like bad vibes at work considering what had happened. By the way, it took some time to return here because I was actually emotionally devastated by the marketing department’s behavior and actions. I felt as though I had been violated inside My safe space to be creative for therapy purposes. I still don’t feel great about it but as an upshot of this situation I sent a tweet to @ehvairport and told them to take my Instagram account, and they did- without hesitation. This demonstrated that it was indeed a dick-move which means I will never, ever willingly work with them- they burnt the bridge with the bad vibes! But you know, Karma comes, it always does.

I took the opportunity to rename my own Instagram to after having an epiphany- which is why you are here reading this now. The opportunity I took is demonstrated in the following “oh my gosh I wish this was real” front facade print for the airport made from the above light painting of Gate Sierra 2.

Empty Canvas


Breaking News

The building at our airport has suddenly collapsed rendering the new building meant for parking cars and a Mc Donald’s is permanently closed down and put on hold. It wasn’t even fully complete, but very close – planned opening was only a month away before this incident. Cause of collapse is said to be the materials and super hot day – which, by extension puts another 22 or so other Dutch buildings constructed the same way into jeopardy. It’s hard to swallow but I remember wondering about the “what if that bit collapsed” having an eye for architecture- it came as a surprise when it did. Shockingly so.

Observations of the damage caused by the building collapse


We can see more of the damage via the Reflections in the mirrored glass. This was taken on a beautiful sunny day.

Inside the airport

Quite beautiful architecture. The sunset turns the entire roof canopy into gold in the evening, contrasting beautifully with the blue hues.

Observing the damage

22 million euros worth of damage, cause has only recently been established as a materials failure- combined with a heatwave that saw the building bake in 37 degrees Celsius. For a week.

The last known good photo of the building before it collapsed.

Probably the most colorful photograph of the airport and hotel

The Tulip hotel have used this with permission on their Instagram profile.

One of my greatest achievements, created at Eindhoven airport.

This now resides in a dust proof glass display cabinet at ULA (NASA’s and USAF’s rocket launcher) headquarters.

I /was/ EhvAirport on Instagram

Dear Eindhoven Airport. That’ll teach you for being hostile, evil, two-faced bastards towards the well-meaning. This was no material failure, or heatwave issue- it’s karma that came in the form of a gravitational anomaly created by yours truly, from the future 😉. You won’t ever be able to prove it though, which is how we roll. Build a better building, it was ugly anyway.

Example of being tagged and spammed with junk photos like this.

Proof we were there before the PSV poster.

The masterful panorama

Insincerity is opaque

Dear Eindhoven Airport brand managers.

You took everything the wrong way. Completely. Well done. We arrive after office hours for a reason. We’re not there to see you, we’re there to see the place we love.

Joost might not be too pleased how things went down when he finds out how badly you abused an innocent artist. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not my circus, not my clowns. By the way- “always easy” is lewd in English suggesting someone is easy to get into bed with. It’s used frequently and in a derogatory way. Congratulations, brand managers. Do your research next time. I try not to be sarcastic because I mean well.

You are the parody now 🙂 😛 lol.