Take Off 2016!

A long exposure of a city.

This, would you believe it, is actually a painting created with light. The scattered light above is caught by a regular iPhone camera, an Apple iPhone 5s no less. The camera was attached to the front of the car on the dashboard. We drove home from Eindhoven Airport via the highway that almost killed us– before we did that, we stopped at the top of the runway on the Spotters Place with the main headlights on for a few seconds.

A departing aircraft takes off; stars streak across the sky.

The long exposure above is composited together with the capture of the city’s A-58 highway lights, as well as the streetlights of the Phillips Flight Forum- a ring of roads around and into the airport. The lights are blue color to represent the company that built the city. Phillips. Phillips Blue. Blueinstead of sodium yellow!

Mind the fence, it’s a bit sharp. I have once stood on the roof of the car (Toyota Yaris) to get a better shot, but not in this case as it was at night (nothing to see here, just a military base & civilian airport).

Additionally, in this same long exposure there is an aircraft taxiing to the gate. The aircraft is identifiable by the white bar at the bottom. Strobes from the underbelly and right-hand wing tip are also visible.

I do have an airport, Eindhoven airport.



Music for good people

Take Off. 2016.