Rockets that are Tubular

Ok, lets do this.

When a young producer creates something that is so darn hard to categorise because you just can’t take it seriously, but it’s meant to be that way- then you’re stuck like me trying to explain why such a terrible (but awesome) album exists. The best answer I can come up with? “Because it can”. Trust me on this, when you’re detached from the outside world for so long, the barriers come way down and the quality of “wtf” goes up.

After years of producing fun tracks for personal entertainment value, there was never any intention to build an album of them for public consumption. Interestingly, as the music industry flexed and grew in to the digital age, the simplicity of self publishing and enabling folks to simply pull a track out of the “cloud” and listen on whatever device they want, became extremely attractive as it enabled a completely new vector to troll people with my music!

It was a no-brainer.

So in 2016 I began the process of self publishing my material in order to preserve it, somewhere in history- and also to spread the joy.

Have a listen to this. Please note: not suitable for children, because the tracks were made by one (seriously).

Rockets that are tubular, Tubylar Rockets – to put it mildly – happened.

You’re not going to believe it but there is a sequel. Sorry-not-sorry :3