Eve of the Storm


Cheers with a Frappuccino, iced coffee- it was going to be one of those nights- warm and humid. Weather forecasts? Bah! We settled in as usual, perched in front of the terrace window, camera set up to take pictures of the arriving aircraft that evening knowing there’d be a good chance of turbulent wibbly wobbly landings as the wind picked up. The storm was slow moving so we had plenty of time to have a nice relaxing time as the humid warm air slowly churned up the the sky-

Let there be Lightning!

Before we moved up to the panorama terrace I took a shot of the beautiful swollen thundery clouds as they approached the airport from the front door. Very beautiful to watch. This was to be an exciting night to be at the airport! Long exposure shots with the iPhone camera resulted in a portrait of Eindhoven airport’s main entrance during the early evening, cars slowly creeping along in front of the camera with their headlights & Reflections drawing stripes across the image. Due to the low light levels the clouds illuminated by the inter-cloud lightning are a bit grainy but nonetheless a big spark of lightning is clearly visible. For the sake of posterity- the main illuminated sign of the airport has been superimposed on top- which, due to the colour of the logo puts this image clearly in 2016 before the airport rebranded with an all-white sign replacing the green/blue combo.

The storm slowly crept towards the airport, meaning it was going to be directly overhead in only a matter of minutes, so we took the initiative to go up to the panorama terrace to get a glimpse of what the ground looked like in preparation for tonight’s arrivals.


An hour, then two and only a couple of arrivals- you can see those as the slightly diagonal lines swooping from the sky which are illuminated by the aircraft’s strobe lights and wing tip beacons.

The sky is pitch black, illuminated only by the flashing of lightning from in front of the airport. The storm crept closer and closer, it would be right on top of us within a few minutes. I had come prepared… Ilona went inside the restaurant and took a seat while I stayed outside. The rain began to pelt down as the winds suddenly but predictably picked up and began battering the terrace. Everyone but me went inside. It was a delightful moment to be alone. There were to be no more big jet arrivals, the ground crew dashed about the airport ramp preparing for anything but arrivals, due to the storm being directly over the airport- some flights were either cancelled or diverted. Darn.

But, this is where you’re in for a treat. The following video is music to the light, created from the process of making the above light painted artworks- but with an extra bit of discreet filming, which is generally not allowed at an airport but due to way it was done- you’ll see that I did it the right and appropriate way. I stood outside, under my storm umbrella in a raging storm, -BRILLIANT- I observed few small private aircraft safely make it home in the turbulent weather, lightning raging above and thunder cracking as fast as the flashes came. In the video, we get to see the departure of the last flight out of the airport. Watch, and thou shalt receive and wonder.

How to Paint an Airport

“It’s a bit wet!”

The camera (iPhone 5S) protected by a great case, except when water goes inside and under the screen rendering it inoperable (only until it is dried out, no biggie). This firmly plants the date of this project on 15th September 2016. Just over a year ago at time of writing this diary entry.

That was close

Lightning captured leaping between the clouds above us. Thrilling experience and a memorable evening as a result. It was AWESOME! In the above shot, the reflection of the camera in the outdoor window, demonstrating the tilted plexiglass that we have between us and the airfield.