Asteroid Impact odds 2107:1?

Photographic source. Abstract composition.

  • Efteling.
  • Dream-flight.
  • Droomvlucht.
  • Bennu is an asteroid which will pass around the Earth three times between now and the 22nd century.
  • There is a very high probability that there won’t be a fourth because of an impact event.
  • NASA has already launched a sample-return mission to gather specifics about the asteroid’s surface in order to establish exactly what gear we will need in order to attach to it properly. The mission is called OsirisREX
  • The asteroid is named BENNU.
  • Ik ben NU. “I am NOW”. It’s Dutch. Where I live. Not a coincidence.
  • 🤔

I’d better help out then…

Presenting: The Lion Claw


  • The Lion Claw is a grapple device to secure a human to an asteroid.
  • Minimum capability of handling grapple force of at least 30lbs (16kg) in microgravity.
  • The prototype below is tested in the same underwater testbed as the replica International Space Station training facility.
  • It’s the same pool.
  • Under test, the anchor exceeds the NASA regulated specifications.
  • Minor complaints regarding impeded deployment using astronaut space gloves, fixable issues- prototype successful.

These videos were made by the CSI team documenting their journey (especially for Tamas) and are very enjoyable so I suggest you watch them!

Introducing the team

The NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab!

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Diver Video Footage

Footage of real astronauts testing the anchor deployment.

Why is there a stranger from the Internet posting our photos?

The Columbia Space Initiative team earned the VIP tour with legendary former astronaut Mike Massimino because of this blog entry. The shenanigans on Twitter gave CSI a clear advantage putting them significantly ahead of all the other #MicroGNExT teams. Many photos were processed as a favour for their presentation, as well as buzzing their team with lots of design questions. There may have or may not have been a transfer of ideas as well- ultimately, this interaction is what lead them to win the contest for the extended VIP tour around the NBL. Best remotely-entered challenge, ever. Totally worth it. By the way, the Twitter account used to do all that has since been wiped clean =) no, really. This was after I had someone contact me from Columbia University saying they hoped to see me on the following semester’s MicroGNeXT team. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I couldn’t, but would have loved to. Remaining anonymous, he was uniformed military brass. Eep.

2D Tamas

The Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas. Due to ridiculous American politics, the student pictured above was not allowed to attend with his team mates due to there being a policy that only American nationals are allowed inside the NASA NBL facilities. Tamas, being on a Hungarian passport (from Hungary) was not allowed to attend, so a genius plan was hatched to thwart NASA’s party pooping- Tamas was taken as a cardboard cutout by the team in protest of the establishments policy. Tamas was responsible for major design and engineering & metal work. Typical, right?


So, what is your family’s gene-line survival preparation looking like today? Your great grandkids are going to feel this event.

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