In the beginning…

It began in 1987. A storm like no other, a ferocious beast that ripped the trees from their roots, smashed up homes and wrought devastation upon the homeland. It was a dangerous storm, people were injured & killed (little did I know at the time). The Great Storm of 1987 was a surprise freak of nature and it was frighteningly AWESOME- even the weather man didn’t see it coming, or well, it turns out he did but unfortunately corrected a previous good forecast with a bad one. It caught the entire country off guard.

Seven year old me was outside in it on the front lawn building science experiments, fairly sheltered in the Midlands we still had our fair share of insane wind speed. Thus, at first a ridiculously engineered wind sculpture, then- a home made dynamo. Components from old toys & electronic project kits. My first conceptual “wind turbine”, from the electronically savvy imagination of a 7 year old, and that’s where it all began…

This is the first painting, a composition of several concepts put together. I never liked painting, it took a strange sequence of life events to get this out of the head. Echoes of a future, something we have to do, somewhere we have to go, a test of agility and skill. Will our species make it? What are we looking for? What are we going to do when we get there? Was there somebody here before us? Questions that have weighed heavily on a seven year old’s mind- for three decades.

Boarding pass

Founding Member