Free lunch…

Eugh. All this shit hitting the fan when’s system crashed really caused quite a stir in the indie musician scene. Or did it?

Me? Well, after what happened with corruption of the MP3 files, I knew something serious was up and that when these things happen its unlikely they will be able to repair such damage without restarting the whole system from scratch.

I have the feeling that their backup solution/system wasn’t up to scratch as it should have been. is a dynamic site with uploads and downloads occuring 24/7. Then again, saying that I bet don’t even have an internal IT department, which is quite common these days.

Big companies tend to outsource their IT departments to independant IT companies, which looks promising in the beginning to them – its one heck of a way to cut costs – but when service level agreements go awry, things can get nasty.

This is purely speculation but i am willing to virtually wager that whomever is looking after the servers is someone who is also responsible for accounts on other major companies IT services, meaning that their time has to be shared out between these companies, and the SLA agreed with is of low priority support.

Cost reduction means that the expectations of the users of that IT company (in which case, have had to reset their expectations of service delivery – probably becuase a free hosting site which eats giant chunks out of the parent companies budget by providing massive amounts of data bandwidth, data storage and content management applications, i bet there were some compomises met and one of those was BACKUP!

Hahaha. Ok, well, I’ll finish this little story, please bear in mind that it’s all just wild speculation, there are no facts in this post so if you thought you read some – you didn’t

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