Eugh, It was only a matter of time before you’d hear about my most recent gadget aquisition.

I now own a Powerball Techno!

This has to be the best thing EVER since I began suffering from severe RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Doing the job I do, you’d usually spend most of the day sat in front of a computer terminal typing for hours, and then come home from work and do exactly the same. It’s affected my music quite a lot – I’ve not been able to spend much time messing in the studio as I usually ended up riling with pain after half an hour of “mousing” my way around the studio software… Then along came this rather flashy gadget… The Powerball! 🙂

Ok, basically its a hand powered gyroscopic muscle trainer which reads out how fast you’re spinning it on a rather snazzy scrolling LED illumination effect (it weighs 200 grams while still, but the equivalent centrifugal force of 14 kilograms at top speed!)

Well, ok it’s the challenge of trying to beat my own maximum RPM record, which consequently is today 10452 RPM. Just doing that exercise has proven very effective 😀

IF any of you have other Powerballs, they go faster `cos they’re heavier, k? I got the lighter ‘Techno’ one `cos it’s better and… and… and… it’s just the best, ok? I knew you’d understand? >:-)

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