It Began on the Amiga

Teenage bedroom 1997

Indeed it did, in some repects, and still does – since I still have my trusty old Commodore Amiga(s). It’s quite fortunate that my modules (amiga type music) were published on the front cover CDroms of 2 issues of Amiga Format magazine, else all would probably have been lost in the clutter of old floppy disks which I had at the time 🙂

For fun and nostalgia, I have a site on one of the best archive of tracked music (Amiga modules are aka tracked music) on the internet,

Believe me, some of it is pure crap – although some of the newer ones which I did quite recently in 2003 during a sudden busrt of nostalgia are there too, and are quite good!

But whatever you do, do NOT play these in a crappy mod player like Winamp. Get a proper module player which plays the channels correctly from

For the Amiga nerds out there, here’s some info about my Miggies 😀

My amiga specs are:

Amiga 500+, they have only 7Mhz CPU!

2MB CHIP ram

4Mb fast ram

A590 Harddisk 50mb

My more up today amiga 1200 which i do most of the mod composing on if i ever have the chance, is:

Amiga 1200

32MB Fast Ram

Blizzard 030 40Mhz CPU accellorator

2mb Chip ram

8 speed CDROM

2gb IDE Harddisk

That’s quite a nice spec for a machine from an era of almost 12 years ago!

If you own any of the Amiga Forma CD rom disks, check AFCD 4 and AFCD 6 in the Readers submission/music directories for
Greg Tuby 🙂

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