How did the RedHeat project get going?

Making my own music has always been a method of escapement and stress release for me. It all started when I first saw an Amiga computer back in 1994, the way that samples could be used as instruments inspired me to buy one and start making my own music.

Back then it was really quite restrictive, with only 4 simultaneous audio channels.
After messing around with that I released a few tunes onto the Amiga scene, mainly via the magazines who strangely enough made me ‘mod of the month’ winner in one of the 1996 Amiga Format issues.

Becuase of school work etc… my music took a bit of a backburner and it wasn’t until about 2 years later that I thought about making music again.

I started my music creation for real in April 1998 when I released my first ever piece of recorded music called ‘Dashaka’, it was a terrible attempt at a hip-hop style instrumental. Shortly after that I came across which had been my main platform for my music distribution up until 2003 when it shut down.

After releasing a few more songs on there, I noticed people actually downloaded them so I thought that the next thing to do is invest some money into some more gear to make my sounds bigger and better!

Today I have a small studio which consists of a number of gadgets, synthesizers and modules which I’ve collected over the years.

What you hear today is the result of the cumulation of skills and inspiration over the years being driven into my new releases.

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