About (Bio)

Born September 29th 1979, Solihull, England. Educated at Lode Heath Comprehensive School. Emigrated in 1998 to Rijen, Netherlands.

First employment as a computer builder- initially freelance after finishing school with several GCSEs aged sixteen. Later poached by his own parts supplier for several years until a swift and sudden online romance resulted in relocation to the Netherlands. Engaged to marry aged 18 to Dutch fiancée Ilona-Ruby, married in June 2003 (06/06/2003). Ilona-Ruby Tuby. Poetic.

Making Waves: Amateur Radio – obtained the amateur radio license in England in 1997. Dutch amateur call sign PE1RRR. A keen interest in digital networks, and frequently contribute time and skills to various open source ham radio projects.

Early Years: Youth volunteering at an Owl Rescue in the Midlands. Doing fund raising events at school and traveling around the UK with the owl rescue putting on demonstrations and educational talks in locations such as Perth, Peterborough, Solihull and Clacton-on-Sea.

In The Studio: Music really kicked off after obtaining a Commodore Amiga computer as a Christmas present around 1993, using Protracker with only 4 simultaneous audio channels one had to be creative to make it sound good (not that I ever succeeded). It was difficult to figure out without any documentation but at the same time, it was also a lot of fun experimenting with samplers and realtime audio.

Based now in the Netherlands, years were spent working up from a tech-support handyman to becoming a successful systems support specialist for Unix systems, specialising in research and development aspects of telecom, operations running mostly Solaris on Sun Microsystems hardware architecture.

By the late 2000s, most if not all of the music created in the home studio had been released via the various free underground internet labels such as IUMA, MP3.com, CTGMusic etc. As of 2012, the capability to self-publish commercially and globally was finally realized, so investments were made with no intention of recouping the costs- that’s not what the music was about.

In essence, releasing commercially was paying a convenience tax in advance for fans so that good stuff would be readily accessible on their preferred music service.

MP3 Revolution: During the early 2000s mp3.com became a main platform for music distribution. With some mild success the local news paper Brabants Dagblad posted an article about the new revolution of online music self-publishing. It didn’t last long. Unfortunately, MP3.com went bankrupt when the dot com bubble eventually burst.

Note: Legal name changed some time after publication.

During the formative years of RedHeat, there had been little – if any – commercial success. However recent increased accessibility of streamed music services for fans has enabled a wider path for music discovery as algorithms have taken control of some music listening habits.

The Cat’s Meow: During the mid-2000s a YouTube video went viral containing Meow Meow Meow, drumming up a phenomenal 516,000 plays between 2008 and 2012- a lot for its time. Unfortunately an accidental account termination wiped the video clean from the Internet.

Fortunately, a random YouTuber & fan had somehow made a screen capture and uploaded it to YouTube where it remains available still to this day!

In fact, Meow Meow Meow’s continued popularity, charting on streaming services such as Amazon Music– is orders of magnitude more popular than all other RedHeat releases combined.

Early Scores: A few tunes were released in to the Amiga scene via the magazine Amiga Format– ‘mod of the month‘ was one of the scores managed for m.mod, go figure.